In October 2012, the Portuguese authorities regulated the grant of residency to investors in Portugal.

The said “Golden Visa” is a residency permit granted by Portugal to any non-member of the European Union who carries out one of the investment options set out below. The holder of this residency permit is then free to move and do business freely in the Schengen area, without the need of living permanently in Portugal.

Investment options

Property Investments

✔Acquisition of any properties with a value equal to or above €500,000.00.

✔Acquisition of properties with more than 30 years or in certain urban renewal districts for renewal purposes, with a value equal to or above €350,000.00.

Capital Investments

✔Capital transfer of at least € 1,000,000.00.

✔Capital transfer of at least €500,000.00 for purchase of shares to capitalize small or medium sized businesses.

✔Capital transfer of at least €350,000.00 for research activities.

✔Capital transfer of at least €250,000.00 for investing in artistic production of national culture heritage.

Job Creation

✔Creation of, at least, 10 jobs positions*

* Includes all types of business and there is no minimum investment amount.



  • Funds must come from abroad;
  • Investor cannot be from Schengen area;
  • The investment must be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years after the grant of residence permit

Advantages and benefits:


✓Straightforward requirements and procedures;

✓No restrictions on investors nationality;

✓Low minimum stay requirements (no obligation to live and/or work in Portugal);

✓Circulate freely in the Schengen area;

✓Family reunion possible;

✓Possibility of requesting the residency permit just with the signature of a Promissory Contract of Purchase and Sale with a payment of a deposit of €500,000 Euro;

✓Freedom to rent or lease the properties;

✓Co-ownership the properties;

✓The residency permit is granted for an initial period of one year, renewable for periods of 2 years thereafter;

✓After 5 years, the investor and family members are eligible for permanent residency;

✓After 6 years of permanent residency the investor and family members are eligible for Portuguese citizenship;


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