Company by Shares


So, your project is complex, requires a high minimum capital and more traditional corporate bodies?

What you need to know to start:

Number of shareholders– 3 at least

Board of General Meetings– to preside over the shareholders meetings

Board of Directors – in which the power to manage and run the affairs of the company is vested– 3 Directors at least

Supervisory Board– 3 at least being that one must be either registered auditor or a firm of auditors

Prescribed minimum share capital: MOP$1,000,000

No limitation on maximum share capital

From the day that we receive the complete information provided by you, our firm will take 1 working day to draft the documents.

After the day you execute the incorporation documents before our notary, we will file the registration application to the Finance Service Bureau and Business Registry and obtain the business registration certificate. They take 15 working days to issue the registration.

The retainer must be paid within five days of issuance of the invoice.

For more information on doing business in Macau please download our Guide.

Note that we reserve the right to run a conflict check and decide on whether or not we can proceed with the services.

We look forward to serving you. Thank you for considering us.

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