Portugal Visa for Investment (Golden Visa)

What it is:
  • Residency visas for citizens of non-EU countries that make suitable investments in Portugal. Since its start, more than 5,000 visas were granted to investors and 8.000 visas to the investor’s family members.
  • Initial – valid for 1 year. A minimum period of stay is 7 days.
  • Renewal – valid for 2 years. A minimum period of stay is 14 days.
  • Visa exemption within the EU Schengen Area and no visa requirement on trips to more than 170 countries worldwide;
  • Shallow minimum mandatory stay period in Portugal;
  • Family members can obtain a family visa;
  • Possibility of obtaining Permanent Residency Permit after 5 years;
  • Possibility of obtaining Portuguese Nationality after 6 years of Permanent Residency Permit;
  • Using Portugal as an investment platform of investment and favourable tax regimes.
Who can apply:
  • Citizen of non-EU countries, directly or through a company where he is the sole owner incorporated in Portugal or anywhere in the EU;
  • The family members of the investor.
  • Decision is made in 60 days following application.
Investments in:
  • Acquisition of real estateproperties worth €500,000 or more (can be in co-ownership);
  • Acquisition and rehabilitation of Real Estate with more than 30 years (€350,000) (can be in co-ownership) ;
  • Capital Investments – Transfer of
  • €1 million or more to a Portuguese banking institution
  • €1 million or more for the acquisition of companies share capital;
  • €350,000 for scientific research activities performed by public or private scientific research institutions integrated within the National Scientific and Technological System;
  • €350,000 for artistic production or conservation of cultural heritage.
  • Financial Assets – Transfer of €350,000 for investment in Venture Capital or Investment Funds established in Portugal for the capitalization of companies, being 60% of them Portuguese companies;
  • Job creation:
  • 10 jobs;
  • Establishing or acquiring a company incorporated in Portugal with a minimum of 5 jobs created.
Minimum investment
  • The minimum investment amounts may be reduced by 20% if the investments are made in certain low-density territories (NUTS).
    Same reduction mentioned in the previous footnote.

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