Macau Work Permit

  • Macau Companies can apply for work permits if they cannot find local workers to provide such service.
  • In regards to the import of labor, our firm will render the following services:
  • 1) drafting of the application;
  • 2) drafting of labor agreement;
  • 3) collection of all necessary documents to be submitted;
  • 4) submission of application;
  • 5) supervision of all procedures;
  • 6) assistance in obtaining the authorization in the Police Force; and
  • 7) registration of the employees in the Finance Bureau Services.
  • From the day that we receive the complete information from your company, this law firm will submit the related documents to the Human Resources Office. The assessment and decision in the Human Resources Office are taking approximately 120 days. If the application is approved, a Provisional Permit will be issued by the Police Force. The final Working Permit will be issued and ready for collection approximately 50 days after the issuing of the Provisional Permit.

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