Diogo de Sousa Silvério

Business Operations Director

Personal Information

Born and raised in Macau

Studied in Australia for 6 years

Fields of Practice

Business Development

Business Planning

Project Management

Academic Development and Specialization

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Queensland University of Technology

Holds a Master’s Degree in Business on Project Management from Monash University

Professional Experience

2020 – Present day
Business Operations Director at BN Lawyers Macau

2018 – 2019
Master’s Degree

2017 – 2018
Customer Service Executive at Menzies Aviation

2014 – 2015
Project Planning Assistant/Logistics Coordinator

2013 – 2016
Bachelor’s Degree


English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Portuguese
email: ddssilverio@bnlawmacau.com

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