BN Lawyers, already with one representation office in Portugal, has signed partnership agreements with the Spanish Law Firm ZURBANO & CARACAS ABOGADOS, with its headquarters in Madrid, and with RCA – COLMONERO & ASSOCIADOS, a Portuguese Law Firm with its headquarters in Lisbon.

As a result of these agreements, the three law firms will provide regular and institutional legal assistance in a coordinated manner, in order to provide quality services to their clients.

The three law firms will coordinate their legal activity, yet maintaining full legal, professional and financial autonomy, with full respect for the rules of conduct of each professional bar associations.

This partnership is component of the internationalization of BN Lawyers and aims to reinforce the firm’s ability in international transactions of the clients based in Macau, Spain, Portugal and in other Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

The ZURBANO & CARACAS ABOGADOS Law Firm specializes on corporate legal services. Also, it extends its practice in the areas of civil law, administrative law, procedural law, fiscal law, labor law and criminal law.

One of the most import pratice areas of RCA - COLMONERO & ASSOCIADOS is Tourism and Travel Law, where they have been acting in the last decade, notwithstanding the areas of land and air transportation and hospitality.

By concluding these partnerships with these Law Firms, in Madrid and in Lisbon, BN Lawyers reinforces its capacity to provide quality services to its clients.

Zurbano & Caracas Abogados
Zurbano n.o 34, 3.o Izq.
28010 Madrid Spain
Tel.: +349 170 013 41
Fax: +349 170 013 42

RCA – Colmonero e Associados
Av. 5 de Outubro n.o 10, 4.o Esquerdo
1050-056 Lisbon Portugal
Tel.: +351 213 513 380
Fax: +351 213 527 140

309-315 Avenida da Praia Grande, Nan Yue Com. Ctr.7 - Macau
Tel.: +853 2833 1808
Fax: +853 2835 5072